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When Freddy Stein escapes the net cast by the police forces of Guernsey and Munich, he becomes embroiled in a plan to preserve the lucrative drugs' dealings of a sinister crime lord. But miles away from his familiar city surroundings, on a remote Channel Island, Freddy's life is changed forever. His fate, and that of his victims, take a turn nobody, least of all Freddy, could have predicted. This gripping conclusion to Peter Lihou's debut novel Rachel's Shoe skilfully fuses together another tale of action, suspense and romance set in the spectacular Channel Islands.  




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Another first class story! 

Review by Kate Cavendish

The Book Awards Literary Review, London 2010


The long awaited sequel to Rachel's Shoe is everything I hoped it would be and more. Thrilling from page one, sensitive, and a joy to revisit familiar characters. The story is well written, the characters real, and the setting of the Channel Islands, alluring. This time Jersey and Sark are also included. I especially enjoyed the changes in pace and, of course, the causeway itself, which becomes a powerful metaphor in the story. Another first class story. Kate Cavendish The Book Awards Literary Review London



Lihou Island



 The Causeway is a sequel to the novel Rachel's Shoe and is best read as such i.e. after Rachel's Shoe, to get the most from it. I very much enjoyed both books but this one has a completely unpredictable twist and takes the story into a new dimension. The characters are again vividly portrayed and this time the setting extends beyond Guernsey and Herm to the other Channel Islands of Lihou, Sark, Jersey and Alderney. All of which I found wonderfully enticing. But again it is the story that takes centre stage and this time it's not only a riveting tale but one that's soaked in the atmosphere of a forbidden relationship and the confusion of a man forced to confront his past by a near death experience. The metaphor of the causeway is used with evocative effect and is entirely convincing. The conclusion is dramatic and highly satisfying. --Nightbird