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The novel Rachel's Shoe is a story set in the Channel Islands of Alderney, Guernsey and Herm during the Nazi occupation. 

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The Release date of Rachel's Shoe was December 10th, 2008. If you would like to order a signed copy, please see my contact page.

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The ISBN for Rachel's Shoe is 978 0 9565342 0 0 and the cover price of £7.99 or $14.99 has been set.

'Rachel's Shoe' is now available on Kindle!

My home island of Guernsey has become better known internationally since the book 'The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie' was launched. Interest in our wartime occupation has also been significant following Mary Anne Shaffer's popular epistolarynovel. Previously the best known local novel was 'Ebenezer Le Page' by G B Edwards which has been described as the "Lark Rise to Candleford' of the island.

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Guernsey has been known through the years for its famous dairyherd and also the distinct sweaters called after the island - 'Guernseys'.

Within Europe, the island was also known for many years as both a tourist destination and the home of the famous Guernsey 'Toms' - tomatos.



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Rachel's Shoe


The Novel; ‘Rachel’s Shoe’            

I could almost feel the sand in my toes as I read this wonderfully crafted novel set in the charming islands of Herm, Guernsey and Alderney. The author captures a unique blend of adventure, romance and history in this tale that covers around 30 years.

Having read the 'Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society', my interest in the occupied islands was excited but I had thought that might have been the pinnacle of my enjoyment until I found this book. A lesser-known publication from a local author but easily a superior read for my taste.

Kate Cavendish (Literary Reviewer, London 2009)


‘A marvellous tale of love, heroism and greed that spans over thirty years, this book has universal appeal and will I feel be taken to the hearts of all fans of Jeffrey Archer. This is not a story about the Holocaust, but it is about the ramifications of that terrible atrocity.

Fifteen-year-old Tom is sailing his boat in the dark to avoid German patrols. He’s only fishing, but the invaders of his island of Guernsey have proclaimed such pursuits illegal. He’s a competent seaman, fortunately, and can avoid the occasional patrol boat. Then one night he meets a young Jewish girl, Rachel, who has run away from the labour camp on Alderney. She’s distressed and he helps her go into hiding. There are tense moments when discovery seems imminent. Woven into the adventure are true events. While the beginning revolves around the children, Tom and Rachel, the story will appeal to all ages, particularly when financial chicanery, murder and assault are thrown into the mix.

It is clear that Peter Lihou knows his Channel Islands and the coastline, because the descriptions at sea are very real. Early on, we learn how Rachel’s mother selflessly made a great sacrifice to offer succour for her daughter and how decent people surmounted terrifying odds. The heel of the jackboot did not crush hope on the only British soil to fall to the Nazi menace.

Without a doubt, this story would make a wonderful movie.’

Nik Morton, author of The Prague Manuscript (which contains a significant section about the Warsaw uprising of 1942.)


Review “Rachel’s Shoe” by Peter Lihou

‘Vibrant descriptions of the island of Guernsey and of the people who live there provide a meaningful background to this gripping tale. Events embroiled in the conflicts of the Second World War develop from a touching relationship between Rachel, a Jew, and Guernsey-born Tom . Rachel’s quick-thinking mother provides a future for her daughter and Rachel’s shoe and its secret contents become a pivotal focus for mounting tensions as evil doers attempt to steal Rachel’s rights. As the novel progresses it is almost impossible to put the book down – it becomes a real page-turner.  This new novel definitely tells a tale that is well worth reading.’

Dr Rosemary Westwell, Cambridgeshire Pride

Novel - Rachel’s Shoe by Peter Lihou

‘A spellbinding tale of two young lovers faced with danger from an unknown source. On the enchanting island of Guernsey what begins as a simple love story develops into a thrilling race against time to uncover the reason for murder and attempted murder. A captivating read.’

Maureen Moss, author and editor Libros International


The Latest Book - Rachel’s Shoe by Peter Lihou

 ‘A wonderfully crafted tale by an author from a bygone age.’
Ken Scott, author and international book reviewer


Rachel’s Shoe by Peter Lihou

 It's a rivetting read from start to finish.

Rachel's Shoe is a tale of heroism and love, set in our beautiful Bailiwick and bringing to life the terrible atrocities of the occupation. Spanning more than 25 years, Rachel's Shoe is tenderly written and compellingly told.

For the most part factually accurate, and with superb descriptions of the waters around Herm, Alderney and Guernsey, Peter has a gentle but descriptive style which is easy to read. Well-rounded characters draw you in; it is certainly a story that keeps you interested.’
Julie Todd, 'Guernsey Now' Magazine

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Fort Grey Guernsey



Rachel strolls across Shell Beach in the Bailiwick of Guernsey

The island of Herm and waters around it provide a stunningly beautiful backdrop to the dangers Rachel and Tom face.

After World War Two, Herm was purchased from the English Crown by the States of Guernsey (our Government) for the enjoyment of the people of Guernsey and visitors to the islands known collectively as the Bailiwick of Guernsey. The island is managed by a tenant, the most recent of whom took up residence in 2008 after purchasing the remaining years of the lease. Herm has always been a place of tranquility with no cars or other road vehicles. For more about the Bailiwick of Guernsey click here ......./

Rachel's Shoe spans over 30 years and there is a sequel already under way. Please come back again to this site and check for news.

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Channel Television interview at Guernsey's Rocquaine bay

Channel Television interview and short reading in Guernsey on June, 2009

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Guernsey in the 21st Century

The island of Guernsey has changed much more than the other islands that make up the Bailiwick in recent years. Herm, Sark and Alderney still rely principally upon income from tourism although very recently Alderney has found a new industry supporting egaming companies and soon hopes to add tidal energy to it's revenue streams - if you'll forgive the pun!

Guernsey has become one of the world's most successful offshore financial centres and this sector currently contributes more to the economy than the tourist sector, although that is still very important. The main town in Guernsey is the attractive harbour of St Peter Port and whilst this remains highly popular with tourists and locals alike, it now also supports the banks, trust companies, lawyers and others who form the vibrant financial services sector.

Guernsey has an excellent reputation internationally but is very much under fire from the Governments of larger nations suspicious of the low tax economy and concerned that their tax revenues are finding their way to offshore centres like Guernsey.

In reality, Guernsey was a low tax economy long before the international banks arrived here and has always been open to scrutiny but this isn’t always the case with some other offshore centres.

As outside Governments seek to influence or manipulate the Guernsey economy, laws and fiscal policies, a number of locals are questioning our constitutional arrangements with the UK and Europe. A system that has existed for hundreds of years is now very much a talking point in the island and there are some who would like Guernsey to become more independent.

In my own lifetime the island has changed a great deal but like many small islands, it remains dependent upon a few industries that may be transitory and without which our essential services would struggle to support the population. Everyone here would like to see a more diverse economy but for the time being, twenty-first century Guernsey will begin much as the twentieth century ended, with one major industry driving the economy.

For the affluent within that industry, and those who thrive because of it, there will be few complaints about the lifestyle here and rightly so as it remains a beautiful place to live.