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My first novel Rachel's Shoe is a story set in the Channel Islands of Alderney, Guernsey and Herm during the Nazi occupation. 

You can order a copyor see details on the 'Rachel's Shoe' website.


Other Projects

The Causeway is a sequel to Rachel's Shoe and has now been published! Click here for details.

Apart from the sequel (of course!), I am spending a year with a dozen complete strangers from all around the world writing a collaborative novel!

Look at The Book project for more details.

BBC Radio and Channel TV interviews.

With several newspaper and magazines interviews completed I recently went 'on air' with BBC Radio Guernsey and in the next few days a my Channel Television interview will be shown. The radio interview link only lasts for around a week so this may not be available but I'm hoping to get permission to show the TV interview on the Rachel's Shoe website so please look out for this soon!



Peter Lihou


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Shell Beach on Herm consists entirely of millions of tiny shell fragments that make up a fine white sand. These have been deposited by the warm waters of the Gulf Stream that pass the islands. This is my favourite sailing ground.

The picture also shows an area of rocks and tiny islets known locally as 'The Humps'. This is a breeding ground for rare sea birds and further out seals can often be seen playing amongst the rocks. This coast of Herm is also populated by Puffins which are always a joy to see.