About and Contact

I currently live in Cornwall, England, with my wife Gill and our ball of fluff Barney (a Cockapoo). Gill and I have raised four amazing children; Natalie, Ben, Sam and Josh, and thanks to them and their wonderful 'other halves',  we now have four gorgeous grandchildren; Eloise, Charlie, Jack, and Louis.

Born in 1950, I was brought up in the years when World War Two was still a recent memory and the 'Cold War' cast its shadow over our planet.

When de-mobbed from the RAF, my father chose not to return immediately to his island home and sought work in various towns and cities across England. It was not until I was 12 years of age; that the family moved back to Guernsey, although visiting the island and my grandparents had been an annual event. Throughout my subsequent life, I have moved home between Guernsey and England several times, the relocations mostly driven by a compromise between earning a living and pursuing a desire to sail and be close to the sea.

In 2008, my debut novel 'Rachel's Shoe' was published and I went on to author four more books before embarking on my latest story about the lives of my ancestors. With the passing of my parents and so many elderly relatives, I became acutely aware that the oral history of my family was becoming lost. I decided therefore to create a record for future generations but rather than a genealogical record, I wanted to give each generation a voice and a place in the history of their day. 500 Years of Island Life was published in October 2017.

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