CHAT – New Science Fiction coming soon!

CHATScience Fiction fans, prepare for a feast of futurism with more than a dash of philosophy as the CHAT network hits the streets!

CHAT is available on 27th November, 2020 in paperback and Kindle versions (see the link to pre-order your copy below!)

The social media giants of the early decades in the 21st century have died and been replaced by ‘CHAT’, a new artificial intelligence network built on a powerful quantum computer, affectionately called the ‘Engine’.

Avoiding the failings of its predecessors and free from the misuse of data, CHAT has become ubiquitous. A key feature, powered by the Engine, is the network’s ability to translate any language to the language of the user, in real time; meaning that everyone around the world can speak to each other as if they are all speaking the same language.

CHAT’s artificial intelligence was developed at a remote campus of Cambridge University in Warwick, England. The academics at Warwick, led by Professor Nick Caine, continue to search for new languages, both human and non-human, to extend the capabilities of the Engine. CHAT’s  public relations executive, Tiffany Hope, spreads the word on all the latest news from Warwick to the entire global network of CHAT users.

Under the management of Professor Caine and his team at Warwick, the Engine polls the internet for signals to translate around the entire planet and even beyond, by connecting to a wide range of equipment ranging from wildlife monitors to space stations. But one such ‘signal’ that initially eludes the translation abilities of the Engine gets the attention of one of the university department’s sponsors, the US military intelligence agency.

As the mysterious signal, code-named, Alpha285, gradually reveals more about its origins, Nick is subjected to increasing pressure from his sponsors to allow the agency to take control.

Set in a future where the legacy of past generations’ environmental abuse has come home to roost, and human ingenuity has created innovative solutions that attempt to arrest the damage, the pursuit of knowledge about Alpha285 becomes fraught with danger and intrigue.

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BBC Radio Guernsey Interview

The full Radio Guernsey interview, along with pictures from the book and photographs from Guernsey, can now be seen on YouTube!

The interview starts with an extract read by Jenny Kendall-Tobias and goes on to cover the motivation behind this 500 Years history of the Lihou Family and island life on Guernsey and Alderney.

After the success of The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie book (and now film), a brief mention of my debut novel Rachel’s Shoe is also included.

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Links to PDF eBook (compatible with all major readers, computers and smartphones) and Amazon:

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500 Years on

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500 Years of Island Life


Latest book – 500 Years of Island Life

The Lihou family have lived in the Bailiwick of Guernsey for at least as long as records have been kept on the island. Fortunately, those records include all the generations of at least one family, my family, from the year 1445 to present times.

However, it is no easy task to trace sixteen generations over 500 years amongst the many records on the island. But local researchers stepped forward and did just that, enabling me to write the story of one branch of the Lihou family, an unbroken record from the end of medieval times to the twenty-first century.

It took several years to complete and will, I hope, appeal not just to members of the Lihou family and those who are interested in the island of Guernsey, but also to social historians.

Available in the UK and Channel Islands – click here

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